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GMail’s “Smart Compose” feature is coming to Google Docs

GMail’s “Smart Compose” feature is coming to Google Docs


At its ongoing Cloud Next event in London, Google Cloud CEO, Thomas Kurian announced that Google is bringing Gmail’s AI-powered “Smart Compose” feature to Google Docs users on G Suite. The new development means G Suite users will, in the future, be served AI-powered writing suggestions outside of their inbox. Though for the time being, only G Suite administrators can sign up for the beta.

Google originally unveiled Smart Compose last year, following Gmail’s earlier Smart Reply feature. Smart Reply suggests short responses to emails, while Smart Compose helps you finish sentences as you type. The idea is that it will act as auto-complete for your thoughts as you write your e-mails.

According to Google, Smart Compose in Gmail already saves people from typing about 2 billion characters per week, hence it is safe to bring the AI-powered feature to longer forms of writing.

However, it remains to be seen how well this same technique works for longer texts, but we assume the algorithm should still work quite well there,  given that Google has greatly improved on the feature since it launched on Gmail.

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