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‘Frozen 2’ casts reveal most of the scenes recorded did not make the film

‘Frozen 2’ casts reveal most of the scenes recorded did not make the film

Doris Ukaonu

Casts of the recently released Disney film ‘Frozen 2’ have revealed that there was a great change in the finished work of the film as most of the scenes recorded during the three-year production was not included.

American actor Sterling K Brown admits to have recorded a song for the film but it wasn’t featured. 

Also, Josh Gad and Jonathan Groff who played the characters Olaf and Kristoff in ‘Frozen 2’ said that the song they recorded was not included in the movie either.

Speaking to Yahoo, Gad said “You record dialogue, songs… I would say fifty percent [of what we recorded] didn’t make it into the movie.” 

“You’re recording for three years and it keeps adapting, it keeps changing. The story informs the directors what it wants to be, and so you do a lot of stuff that no longer tracks with the story that we’re telling.”

The charming fantasy adventure ‘Frozen 2’ tells the story of two sisters, Princess Anna and Queen Elsa and mastering the art of letting go.

Although unsure about what angle to direct the film at the beginning, Filmmaker Chris Buck said “It was really fun to go down [different] roads as it always took away from the Anna and Elsa story. So we had to minimise that, but focus more on Anna and Elsa.”

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Speaking of the scenes shot that didn’t make it to the movie, Idina Menzel who played the character Elsa said that they were beautiful nonetheless but the filmmakers had to do their job.

“They’re very humble in the way that they work, they don’t hold on to things for too long if it’s not working,” she said.


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