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Four Northern Nigerians in Tech

Four Northern Nigerians in Tech

Four Northern Nigerians in Tech
Hamza Yunusa, CEO of Hydronamics. Image Source: Hamza Yunusa.

The tech sector in Nigeria has been alive and booming, despite policies that have not been exactly enabling of international collaborations. But in the north of the country, it leans towards software development, homegrown solutions and recycling methods. Here are four northern tech innovators doing incredible work.



Four Northern Nigerians in Tech
Farida Kabir. Image Source: Daily Trust.

Kabir is a software developer, epidemiologist and technology entrepreneur from Kano, Nigeria. She is the founder and CEO of OTRAC which she founded in 2017. OTRAC is an online software health technology platform that develops a helpful enterprise for software systems within the healthcare sector in Nigeria. It is currently operative in Nigeria and South Africa.



Four Northern Nigerians in Tech
Sa’adat Aliyu. Image Source: Daily Trust.

Aliyu is a software developer based in Kano, Nigeria, and has just launched a mobile application on Android devices, called Helpio, designed for survivors of sexual violence to report abuse and harassment in a safe and empowering environment. According to Channels TV, Aliyu is also the founder of Shamrock Innovations, a Youth and Women Centric Tech Innovation Hub in Kano. Organizations all over the country have adopted her mobile application.



Four Northern Nigerians in Tech
Usman Dalhatu. Image Source: BBC

Dalhatu is a student at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria who has consistently outdone himself in the innovative sector. Last year at the peak of the coronavirus pandemic, he built a portable E-vent automatic ventilator. He was also part of the team that built a set of solar-powered mobile carts for local street food vendors.

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, Four Northern Nigerians in Tech



Four Northern Nigerians in Tech

Hamza Yunusa is a tech innovator from Niger state, Nigeria. He is the founder and CEO of Hydronamics, a company in Abuja that focuses on how to make clean water available and accessible to all Nigerians, especially those in rural areas. In 2019, he built an automatic meter to serve as a water billing system, installable in houses, to enable people know and pay their water bills without having to interact with officials. He also built a water purification system which is now in use in Owerri. Yunusa was also part of the team that innovated the solar powered mobile carts for fast food vendors.

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