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Four Logistics Providers of Boko Haram in Army Custody

Four Logistics Providers of Boko Haram in Army Custody

Four Logistics Providers of Boko Haram in Army Custody

As part of the movement to suppress the insurgents economy, the Nigerian Army revealed today (September 3) that it has in its custody, four logistics providers of the Boko Haram insurgents in Borno.

Major General Olusegun Adeniyi, the Theater Commander, disclosed the news of the arrest during the vandalization of four vehicles and some equipment taken from the terrorists in Borno.

According to Adeniyi, an embargo has been placed on the sales of petrol and other commodities trades in the remote areas of Borno, to deny the insurgents access to equipment and funds to execute their activities.

He bemoaned the lackadaisical behaviour of some traders and commercial vehicle drivers known for providing supplies and transported logistics to the insurgents.

“There are no petrol stations in the Sambisa Forest, Algarno, Baga and Gwoza; the logistics sustaining the insurgents are coming from Maiduguri, Damaturu and other settlements.

“Some commercial vehicle operators fabricated their tanks to a 200-litre capacity, to enable them to supply and sell petrol to the insurgents at the rate of N245 per litre”. Adeniyi said.

The Theatre Commander also mentioned that troops at checkpoints arrested four commercial vehicle drivers on their way to deliver a large consignment of logistics to the insurgents in the remote areas in Borno.

Adeniyi held that the insurgency will have stopped if not for the people who patronise them; our effort is to arrest illegal business aiding the insurgency.

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, Four Logistics Providers of Boko Haram in Army Custody
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“Boko Haram logicians will neither be tolerated nor ignored, anybody who engages or allow his vehicle to transport insurgents’ logistics would be prosecuted because you are part of them and an enemy of the state,” he said.

The items seized from the suspects were diesel disguised as palm oil; bread, grain, mats, sacks, motorcycle spare parts and items used by the insurgents to produce Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).

Adeniyi, however, beckoned on the Nigeria Union of Road Transport Workers to advise its workers cease mobilizing goods for the insurgents otherwise the vehicles will be seized and destroyed.


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