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Following Sour Remarks About Indian Hospital, El-Zakzaky Returns to Nigeria

Following Sour Remarks About Indian Hospital, El-Zakzaky Returns to Nigeria

Sheikh Ibraheem El-Zakzaky

Following the sour remarks from the leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN), Sheikh Ibraheem El-Zakzaky, concerning the state of the hospital he’s been tended to in India, the IMN leader has begun his return back to Nigeria.

Recall that on Monday the 12th of August, the cleric leader traveled to India along with his wife Zeenah, for urgent medical attention, following a Kaduna court order last week. Unfortunately, the hospital, Medanta Hospital, New Delhi, was a far cry away from his expectation.

According to a tweet by the Zakzaky office, El-Zakzaky was expected to depart India at 17:00 hours local time yesterday (August 15).

Spokesman for the IMN, Ibraheem Musa, confirmed the departure of the Shi’ite leader from India in semblance with the tweet from the office.

Also, a video clip contained in the tweet showed El-Zakzaky saying that the Indian hospital permitted him and his wife, Zeenat, to return back to Nigeria following his disapproval of their choice of doctors.

Speaking concerning El-Zakzaky’s health, his daughter, Suhaila Zakzaky in an interview with the BBC disclosed that her father is suffering from lead and cadmium poisoning.

According to her, the poisoning might be as a result of shrapnel in his body “from when he was shot in 2015 when the Nigerian Army raided our home.”

Suhaila said that to take away the shrapnel in one of his eyes, her father had to undergo an eye operation in Nigeria and since then, his sight has been declining.

While expressing concern about the health condition of her father, she said, “I am really worried, especially because of the lead and cadmium poisoning. His doctors say if it gets to a certain level his organs could start failing and that’s really scary because that means he could die at any moment.”

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Image of El-Zakzaky as he departs India

Ms. Zakzaky added that she had spoken to her father on Wednesday morning and he was unhappy that armed police were outside his room and that he would not be treated by his own chosen doctors.

Meanwhile, Nigeria’s government has apologized to India for the sheikh’s “unruly behavior.’’

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Daily Times reports that the IMN leader has been making vexatious demands, wanting to be lodged into a five-star hotel and ordering the removal of police protection provided by the Indian authorities.

On Thursday, August 15, Medanta hospital released a report which indicated that they had agreed to El-Zakzaky’s request to be treated by his own appointed doctors.

In a new videotape, the representative of Islamic Human Right Commission (IHRC) said the issue between the hospital and El-Zakzaky has been resolved and that he has gone ahead to receive treatment with doctors that were earlier appointed by him.

On the other hand, also according to the representative, the Indian government gave El-Zakzaky an ultimatum to leave Indian soil if he refuses to receive treatment from unknown doctors billed to treat him.


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