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Five proactive steps to fight addiction

Five proactive steps to fight addiction

Five proactive steps to fight addiction
Acknowledge the problem:  The first step to fixing any problem is often Identifying that the problem actually exists. For addiction, it means stopping and being truthful with yourself or a loved one about the extent of the problem.
Reward yourself: People who have personalities that are susceptible to addictions are often motivated by rewards. Create a reward system when fighting to combat addiction. For instances, if you are trying to quit drinking, treat yourself to something special each time you have succeeded in abstaining for a week.
Replace the addiction: It is often said that people don’t break habits they only form new ones. In other to pull yourself from a damaging habit, try forming more positive and healthy options. A popular route is an exercise because exercise is highly addictive another route is carrying a water bottle and staying hydrated each time you feel an urge for the addiction.
Locate and Avoid Trouble Spots: For most addictions, there is always a time and place that triggers the action. Maybe it is as obvious as a bar for someone with alcohol addiction or it could more subtle like a break at work that makes you reach for a cigarette. Whatever the case schedule your day to avoid putting yourself in that position
Meditate: Addictions are impulsive actions often done with little to no conscious thought. An addicted person is probably stuck with a routine or cycle as such that meditation can break those patterns and allow one to see life from a fresh perspective
This article was written by Dante Chibuzor Onwe
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