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Ethiopian Movement #BringBackOurStudents demands response from the government

Ethiopian Movement #BringBackOurStudents demands response from the government

Ethiopian Movement #BringBackOurStudents demands response from the government

Similar to Nigeria’s 2014 #BringBackOurGirls campaign for the release of the 276 Chibok schoolgirls who were abducted by BokoHaram, a movement is growing in Ethiopia called #BringBackOurStudents

The people are calling for the Ethiopian government to account for at least 18 students from Dembi Dollo University who were reportedly abducted two months ago.

There have been different responses, as regards the exact number of students who were abducted, however, the Association for Human Rights in Ethiopia has placed the number at 18, while Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed‘s press secretary Nigussu Tilahun claims it is 21. What is a constant, however, is that the majority of the abducted students are female, and tensions are mounting, as their location remains unknown.

One of the affected mothers, Yeneneh Adugnatold Associated Press that she has last heard from her daughter a month ago after youths from the local area allegedly took the students into the forest in the Amhara region of the country. “I don’t know what happened to her since.”

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, Ethiopian Movement #BringBackOurStudents demands response from the government
An image from Oye Diran's A Ti De series. Credit: Oye Diran.

Adugna added that, “We are living in an anguish every day. We are crying every day. We want to know whether they are alive or dead. No one is giving us any information.”

No one has claimed responsibility for the abductions, although officials within the Oromia region of the country have pointed the finger towards the Oromo Liberation Army. The army has denied the accusations and instead shifted the blame to Prime Minister Ahmed’s government and continued inter-ethnic violence in the country.

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