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Disney Plus Accounts Hacked In Less Than A Week After Its Launch

Disney Plus Accounts Hacked In Less Than A Week After Its Launch

Disney Plus

Last week, Disney launched its movie streaming service, however, in less than a week, multiple reports have claimed that thousands of Disney Plus customers have had their accounts hacked, and they are now available for purchase on the dark web.

Although some reports have claimed that reused passwords could have been the culprit given that some of these accounts could have reused passwords of previously hacked accounts, thereby giving hackers easy access, it however still remains a mystery as to how the accounts were compromised.

To make matters worse, it seems that Disney’s customer service isn’t being particularly helpful where some users have complained to be waiting on the line for help for hours, with still no resolution.

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Now, to be fair, Disney Plus is still a relatively new service and as such, growing pains are to be expected. The service does not support two-factor authentication (yet) which probably could have mitigated some of these issues, but hopefully, it will all be sorted out soon.

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