Jordyn Wood And The Cost Of Indiscretion

Jordyn Wood's Tryst With Tristan Thompson Proves To Be Costly

by Gottfried Moh

Jordyn Wood And The Cost Of Indiscretion

No one says you shouldn't do wrong, afterall you don't have your Sunday school teachers following you around, but at least be smart enough not to get caught. Sneaking around could be really costly, especially when it involves messing with someone's significant other.

Kylie's (former) BFF, Jordyn Woods, has learnt this lesson the hard way.

Following Jordyn Woods' betrayal of the Kardashian family by hooking up with Khloe Kardashian’s baby daddy, Tristan Thompson, reports suggest that she has been cut off from the family’s business.

According to a report by celebrity gossip site, TMZ, the Kardashians have no plans to have any business dealings with Woods.

Sources close to the family who spoke with TMZ disclosed that even if the Kardashians decide to forgive Woods for her indiscretion, they don’t plan to work with her ever again.

This will be coming as a blow to Woods who had a healthy working relationship with the Kardashians. The 21-year-old model has a joint makeup line with Kylie Jenner and even had her own page on Khloe’s “Good American” fashion site where she modelled jeans and was part of the #goodsquad.

In the wake of the cheating scandal, Woods’ entire Good American page has been removed from Khloe’s site. It is also gathered that since moving out of Kylie’s home, Woods’ security clearance has been revoked from Kylie’s gated neighbourhood, so she can’t come and go as she pleases anymore.

Shortly after news of the cheating scandal broke out, Woods moved back in with her mum and recently blamed her indiscretion with Thompson on "alcohol".

Hey T-Pain, are you listening? 

Whoever said that "cheats never prosper" certainly knew what they were talking about. What could have Ms. Woods seen in Thompson to put such an important friendship and her business connections on the line? It remains to be seen, but once we find out, you will find out here first.