Court Day For Ivy League Schools

Students Institute Legal Action Against Elite Universities

by Gottfried Moh

Court Day For Ivy League Schools

Earlier this week, when the internet exploded with the admissions scam involving universities and colleges in the United States, it was apparent that there would be repercussions. Away from the embarrassment and shame those corrupt parents and administrators brought on themselves, two students are now taking legal action against these institutions of higher learning.

Stanford students, Erica Olsen and Kalea Woods, have filed lawsuits against the University of Texas, University of San Diego; Yale University, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA); Wake Forest University, University of Southern California, and Georgetown University for their involvement in this epic scam. They are basically claiming that their degrees have lost their value and have no merit considering the fact that other students’ parents bribed in their ways onto their campus.

“(Her degree) is now not worth as much as it was because prospective employers may now question whether she was admitted to the university on her own merits, versus having rich parents who were willing to bribe school officials”, read an excerpt from their lawsuit.

Photo Credit: Los Angeles Times

True student-athletes know the grind and what’s required to excel in two fields, and unfortunately for the schools involved in the scamming scandal, Olsen and Woods fall into both categories. In the lawsuit, Woods, a current Pre-Medical major, claimed that she excelled as a student-athlete in high school, while Olsen is currently a member of Stanford’s Dollies dance troupe.  Olsen and Woods are also both women of colour: agitated, and eager to detect injustice whenever it rears its head.

Whether they win or not is to be determined in the coming months (or even years), but people should be ready to witness similar lawsuits directed at a broken system that continues to gaslight, lie, and steal from the disadvantaged.