Brace Yourselves, Hunger Is Coming!

Buhari Warns Nigerians About Harder Days Ahead

by Gottfried Moh

Brace Yourselves, Hunger Is Coming!

In the first episode of the Game Of Thrones hit series, Ned Stark of House Stark uttered five words that have now formed an integral part of internet meme folklore. "Brace yourselves, winter is coming" is a statement that stresses the need for constant vigilance, particularly in view of the winter that has been anticipated throughout the duration of the series...but we digress.

No, this is not about the Lannisters, Jon Snow or Khaleesi's Dragons. This is about a country with a stuttering economy, poor infrastructure and heavy security concerns, whose citizens have been told to expect even harder days.

Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari on Friday warned of tougher times for Nigerians following his renewed mandate to pilot the affairs of the country in the next four years.

President Buhari gave the warning when he received members of the Federal Executive Council (FEC), who congratulated him over his victory at the presidential election conducted by the country’s Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

Buhari polled 15,191,847 votes to beat his main opposition candidate, Atiku Abubakar of the People Democratic Party (PDP), who polled 11,262,978 during the keenly contested election which held on Saturday February 23.

“My last lap of four years, I think is going to be tough. People are very forgetful and that’s why during the campaign, I spoke about our cardinal agenda.”

According to him, the next phase of his administration will continue with the focus on tackling insecurity, fighting corruption and creating jobs for Nigeria’s teeming youths of the country among others.

It wouldn't be out of place to question the wisdom behind such a remark, particularly considering the sensitive nature of the times where differences in post-election sentiments still linger and projections point to economic uncertainty in the near future. There are those who are largely dissatisfied with the president's first tenure, and this recent statement would hardly do him any favours in terms of securing the confidence of the people. With more and more people acquiring and renewing their international passports, the last thing Nigerians want to hear is something that remotely hints at the fact that things won't get better.