New Movie and Coachella?

Donald Glover's New Movie With Rihanna

by Joshua Oguntan

New Movie and Coachella?

Donald Glover fans, this is your weekend!

Not only is he playing Coachella, but he also has a new movie out. We finally know when the secret project Donald Glover and Rihanna have been working on is coming out, after months of speculation.

Guava Island comes to Amazon Prime on Saturday, after its premiere at Coachella, and reportedly will be free to watch for the first 18 hours.

It's been described as a "tropical thriller" - and was shot in Havana, Cuba, last summer.

The first we heard about Guava Island was last August when a picture surfaced of Rihanna and Donald Glover working together in Cuba.

Coachella kicks off today and Glover, who raps and sings as Childish Gambino, is the Friday headliner for the arts and music festival, held annually over two weekends in April in Indio, California.

Glover as Gambino is scheduled to hit the stage at 11:25 p.m. GMT.