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Boeing successfully tests the world’s largest twin-engine jet

Boeing successfully tests the world’s largest twin-engine jet

world’s largest twin-engine jet

2019 was somewhat a bad year for Boeing, due to a flaw in the system that pretty much grounded all of the company’s 737 planes. However, it appears that the company has forged ahead with new developments because Boeing has successfully tested what could be the world’s largest twin-engine jet.

Known as the Boeing 777X, the world’s largest twin-engine jet measures 252 feet long and over 235 feet across when its wingtips are extended for flight. The testing saw the plane fly around the Washington state area for 3 hours and 51 minutes before it returned and landed back at the Boeing Field in Seattle.

The engines used in the plane are the GE9X engines which are said to provide about 100,000 pounds of thrust force each. In terms of its fuel efficiency, the company disclosed that the planes will be 10% more fuel-efficient compared to the competition. It will also be capable of carrying more passengers compared to its competitors.

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That said, the Boeing 777X planes are not expected to go into service until 2021 and will cost about $204 million after applying standard discounts.

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