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Argungu fishing festival

Argungu fishing festival

Doris Ukaonu

The Argungu Fishing Festival is an annual four-day festival in the state of Kebbi, in the north-western part of Northern Nigeria. People from around the world travel to Argungu just to witness the occasion.

The main purpose of the Argungu fishing festival is for fishing and unity. The festival began in the year 1934, as a mark of the end of the centuries-old hostility between the Sokoto Caliphate and the Kebbi Kingdom.

On the final day of the festival, a competition is held in which thousands of men line up along the river and at the sound of a gunshot, all of them jump into the river and have an hour to catch the largest fish. The winner can take home as much as $7,500 US dollars.

Arugungun fishing festival
Display of some of the biggest fishes during the festival

Competitors are only allowed to use traditional fishing tools and many prefer to catch fish entirely by hand (a practice also popular elsewhere and known as noodling).In 2005, the winning fish weighed 75 kg and needed four men to hoist it onto the scales. In February 2019 it was held and had Over 30,000 fishermen take part in the annual Argungu fishing festival.

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