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Approaching Expiration Date, Windows 10 warns Its Users

Approaching Expiration Date, Windows 10 warns Its Users

Doris Ukaonu
Windows 10

Henceforth Windows 10 users who are still using the April 2018 build will start receiving notifications from Microsoft to inform them about the expiration of their Operating System (OS) later this year. This was announced by ‘Windows Latest’.

The Windows 10 April 2018 update is envisioned to become dark later in 2019, that is why Microsoft is notifying users to update to the latest version to benefit from its new features and security improvements.

A windows version does not receive updates and security patches when it reaches the end of support.

“You’re currently running a version of Windows that’s nearing the end of support. We recommend that you update to the most recent version of Windows 10 now to get the latest features and security improvements”, the notification states.

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Ideally, Microsoft’s older versions like Windows 7 shows expiration notifications but the same method is not available for Windows 10. According to analysts, beginners who do not visit the Windows update often are likely not to notice.


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