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Apple’s Bug Bounty Program Is Open To The Public

Apple’s Bug Bounty Program Is Open To The Public


Many huge tech companies put their products through a multitude of tests before deciding that it is good enough to be released to the public. However, there have been products that were launched and after that, bugs were discovered in it, despite all the beta testing.

This is why bug bounty programs exist, where companies reward the public for spotting bugs that they might have missed. Now, according to multiple reports, Apple’s bug bounty program is now open to the general public for the first time since it launched in 2016. Previously, it was an invite-only program.

Researchers have to submit a detailed description of the issue, detailed enough to allow Apple reproduce it.

As for rewards, Apple is offering up to $1 million.

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So, if you are interested in helping Apple fix its problems and earn some money while doing it, you can head on over to Apple’s bug bounty website for more details.

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