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Apple is the new owner of Intel’s smartphone modem business

Apple is the new owner of Intel’s smartphone modem business

Intel’s smartphone modem business

Earlier this year, Apple announced that they would be acquiring Intel’s smartphone modem business, hence confirming that the company could eventually start building its own smartphone modems. This, in turn, is expected to reduce the company’s reliance and dependence on others, like Qualcomm.

Although such acquisitions aren’t instant, it appears that Apple’s acquisition of Intel’s smartphone modem business has since been completed, after clearing all the regulatory hurdles and other requirements.

According to Intel,

“As previously disclosed, this transaction enables Intel to focus on developing technology for 5G networks while retaining the option to develop modems for non-smartphone applications, such as PCs, internet of things devices and autonomous vehicles.”

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For those seeking a bit of context, Apple and Intel were said to be working on developing a 5G modem that could find its way into future iPhones. However, following a settlement with Qualcomm, it was later revealed that Qualcomm could be the one to supply Apple with 5G modems, and following that revelation, Intel later confirmed that they would no longer be producing modems for mobile devices.

We’re not sure when we can expect to see Apple’s own modems find their way into the iPhone, but given that Apple has long tried to be as self-sufficient as possible, it is safe to say that these modems should find their way into Apple’s next iPhone updates.

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