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Amazon accused of imitating Allbirds with its new footwear design

Amazon accused of imitating Allbirds with its new footwear design

Doris Ukaonu

E-commerce giant,  Amazon, has been accused of making a shoe that looks so much alike with the Allbirds wool runners collection.

While the wool runners footwear is more expensive and made from New Zealand’s merino wool, Amazon’s 206 collective wool blend sneakers are half its price and made from a blend of wool, polyester, nylon and viscose.

Co-founder of Allbirds, Joey Zwillinger is unhappy with the imitation from Amazon. Speaking to CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, he said: “They know a lot about consumers and they obviously saw that a lot of people were searching for Allbirds. It feels like they almost algorithmically inspired a shoe that looks very similar, so they could capitalize on that demand.”

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L-R; Allbirds’ wool runners, Amazon’s 206 Collective

Responding to the accusation, an Amazon spokesperson said in an interview with Business Insider: “Offering products inspired by the trends to which customers are responding to, is a common practice across the retail industry. 206 Collective’s wool blend sneakers don’t infringe on Allbirds’ design”. This aesthetic isn’t limited to Allbirds, and similar products are also offered by several other brands.”

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