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Amanchor Cave

Amanchor Cave

Amanchor Cave
Amanchor Cave. Credit: Uptown City on Facebook.

Amanchor Cave, in Afikpo South, Ebonyi State, is four km long. For the tourists who frequent it during Christmas, a major attraction is its underground chamber, with compartments of different sizes, including one like a sitting-room, with stones set as seats, and another suggested to have been a bedroom.

Local lore has it that the six-feet deep cave was discovered by a hunter called Ofia Ugo.

The cave is reported to hold mystical powers. People visit to pray with kolanut, in a specific part of the cave. There are stories, also, of women who have avoided continuous miscarriage by visiting to pray there.

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Ikogosi Warm Springs. Credit: Bids in Graceland.

The cave has a hole path that is said to run for three miles, to the community of Owusu, still in Ebonyi State. From its rocks, a fresh spring flows.

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