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Alleged Okorocha Thugs Attack Recovery Team, Citizen’s Arrest Issued on Senator

Alleged Okorocha Thugs Attack Recovery Team, Citizen’s Arrest Issued on Senator

Doris Ukaonu
Sen. Rochas Okorocha

A citizen’s arrest has been ordered on the former Imo State Governor, Sen. Rochas Okorocha, by the Imo State government, concerning an alleged assault on Mr. Jasper Ndubuaku, a government official.

The order was given on Thursday, August 29, by Mr. Uche Onyeaguocha, the Secretary to the State Government (SSG), after  Mr. Jasper Ndubuaku, the Chairman of the Imo State Committee in charge of Recovery of Movable Government Assets, was attacked in Okorocha’s house in Spibat Avenue, Owerri.

The SSG alongside the Commissioner of Police in the state, Rabiu Ladodo, while speaking to journalists at a press conference on Thursday also announced that security surveillance has been placed on Okorocha and that if found, the residents of Imo state had the right to arrest him.

Onyeaguocha and Ladodo had alleged that thugs sent by Okorocha, assaulted Ndubuaku, who asides from being the Chairman of the Imo State Committee, is also a Special Adviser to Governor Emeka Ihedioha on Security matters.

Daily times reports that the Jasper Ndubuaku-led Imo State Committee on Recovery of Movable Government Assets were attacked by thugs when they arrived at the Senators resident to redeem the only serviceable crane belonging to the state for fixing and repairing street lights, as well as, 20 security and protocol vehicles and four-speed boats which was given to Imo State by the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC).

It was reported that no less than 50 thugs attacked the recovery team, they stripped the chairman, Ndubuaku naked and threw him into a gutter.

It was gathered that security operatives at the Senator’s resident inquired on the mission of the committee. Ndubuaku after handing over the court warrant and the list of items to be recovered was asked wait across the road with his team, pending the confirmation of the authenticity of the court order by the security operatives.

On waiting, some thugs showed up, fighting the committee members.

Ndubuaku on narrating his ordeal with the thugs to  journalists after the incident said “As we stepped aside, the boys stormed out and charged at us. They started shooting at me and when that didn’t work, they stabbed me, but could not cut me. So they tore my clothes while I was still inside the gutter,” he said.

Ndubuaku, however, vowed not to give up, insisting that those properties must be recovered.

Responding to the incident, Mr. Sam Onwuemeodo, Special Assistant on Media to Okorocha, said the recovery committee was assaulted by passersby and some of Okorocha’s sympathisers.

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Onwuemeodo also added that the recovery team stormed Okorocha’s house without a court order and many thugs.

 “Mr. Ndubuaku stormed the private residence of the former governor at Spibat with more than 700 thugs and he had informed the public when his committee was set up that he had recruited 6000 youths to help him recover government properties.

“They were about to surge into the Spibat residence of the former governor when the information came and youths with sympathy for the former governor rushed to the place to stop them.

“Ndubuaku and his thugs were there without any Court Order. And they have failed or refused to publish whatever they think the former governor has in his possession which they think belongs to the government as we had demanded.”Onwuemeodo said.


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