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Aid Worker Killed by ISWAP, Salika Says Its Due to Government Deceit

Aid Worker Killed by ISWAP, Salika Says Its Due to Government Deceit

Doris Ukaonu

An aid worker abducted with five others in July by the Boko Haram sect has been killed.

According to a Nigerian conflict journalist,  Ahmad Salkida, the aid worker, was killed because the Nigerian government deceived ISWAP.

The aid worker was a staff of Action Against Hunger.

Salkida tweeted on Wednesday “The group, in a horrific video of the execution, said it took the action because the government deceived them. Following months of what is now known as secret negotiations between a team of intermediaries and unnamed officials.” 

ISWAP during one of their attacks on  July 18, 2019, abducted six aid workers, one woman and five men, near the town of Damasak, Borno State.

In a statement, the Nigerian presidency said that it was working out the freedom of the aid workers.

However, there has been some frictions between Action Against Hunger and the Nigerian military. The army was reported to have closed all the offices of the NGO in Maiduguri.

The NGO was blamed by the army for “aiding and abetting terrorists” which has put millions of people at risk.

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In a statement yesterday, September 24, the army said: “The subversive and actions of the NGO Action Against Hunger persisted despite several warnings to desist from aiding and abetting terrorists and their atrocities.” 

The only woman in the team who identified as Grace Taku as seen in a video posted immediately after the abduction in July pleaded with the government to secure their freedom.

As seen in the video, five men sat around her, some with their heads bowed. Behind them is a sheet with the logo of the United Nations refugee agency UNHCR.

Before pleading with the government to secure their release, she said: “We were caught by this army called the Calipha, We don’t know where we are.”

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