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Burna Boy’s African Unites Concert cancelled amid discontentment of South Africans 

Burna Boy’s African Unites Concert cancelled amid discontentment of South Africans 

Doris Ukaonu

The African Unites xenophobic concert Burna Boy was scheduled to headline in South Africa has been canceled following the discontentment of South Africans.

The conveners of the show, Timeslive, in a recent statement said that it decided to cancel the show to prevent compromising the safety of all artists and attendees.

South-Africans have been unhappy with Burna Boy ever since he promised never to step foot in their country again after a heated xenophobic attack that occurred two months ago claimed several lives and properties.

Getting the news that Burna was scheduled to headline the Concert, South-Africans have demanded an apology from him otherwise he wouldn’t be granted entry to their country. 

Burna, on the other hand, has refused to concede to their terms.

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“The decision to cancel the Africans Unite Concert comes after the call from the Tshwane Entertainment Collective to boycott the Africans Unite concert in Tshwane. With the increasing threats of violence from other unfortunate segments of the public and without any government intervention, Phambili Media and Play Network Africa were prompted to take the threats and warnings seriously, as the safety of all artists and attendees could not be guaranteed. We then decided to cancel the concert. The safety of all attendees, artists, and crew comes first,” Timeslive said in a  statement.

Timeslive had before announcing the cancellation consulted Burna Boy’s management to discuss the withdrawal.

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