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A little light still shines as President Muhammadu Buhari  clocks 77

A little light still shines as President Muhammadu Buhari  clocks 77

A little light still shines as President Muhammadu Buhari  clocks 77

Although accused by the majority for propagating a disguised democracy peculiar for suppressing the freedom of Nigerian citizens and the media, President Muhammad Buhari still got some love coming his way, as he marks his 77th year.

Like the common saying goes; “Of what good is the love of the public when it doesn’t reflect in the home?”  A home is the starting point of love, hope and dreams. This saying holds true for our President, he got an overdose of unbridled love from his ‘homies’.

“Happy Birthday to MY incorruptible GMB. I wish you Allah’s Guidance Protection and Good Health to continue steering the affairs of our dear nation.  Long Live GMB. Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria !” These were the words of his beloved wife and First Lady of Nigeria, Aisha Buhari, as she wished the President many happy returns on his 77.

But is this some hard truth or some undiluted sarcasm? Judging by several backlashes unleashed by the masses concerning Buhari’s ‘corrupt’ antics, it may be that Aisha wanted to spread some humour on his big day and of course, get Nigerians bickering again.

Aisha Buhari addressed the supposed democratic president as ‘General’.

Recall the recent brouhaha that ensued between The Punch Newspaper and Buhari, where the media outlet openly pronounced him a dictator?

However, a tweeter user reacted by saying “Even Aisha Buhari calls Mr President GMB, who the hell do you think you’re to tell us not to call him general? Buhari is still the dictator our parents told us about before we wrongly put him in that office in 2015, only for some unfunny folks to send him back in there in 2019.”

Guess what, the love shown towards the President did not fizzle with his wife. Members of the Buhari Media Organization (BMO), through a statement signed by its Chairman Niyi Akinsiju, wished the president many more fruitful years.

The BMO characterized the President as  “akin to a man who is planting a tree he will not take shade under, but the future generation will not only take shade under it but pluck the fruits thereof.”

Could there be something they see that majority of Nigerians have become myopic to? Perhaps it’s just a case of  “A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out”?

There might just be more to this than meets the eye.

The BMO went further to highlight Buhari’s notable fight against corruption and his desire to lay a solid foundation for the country’s development which is currently yielding expected results.

Regardless of the views being canvassed by the opposition against the administration, we are convinced that his style of leadership, his dedication and commitment to a government of the people, for the people and by the people has returned government to ordinary Nigerians”.

“This is unlike in the past when a few elites used their privileged positions for personal aggrandizement.”

“We believe that with the strong foundation he has laid for the development of the country, the trajectory will be difficult to reverse after his administration”.

“This is more so as institutions are now allowed to work without unnecessary interference”

The BMO concluded by calling on Nigerians to continue to give their unalloyed support to him and his administration in order to bequeath a country where ordinary Nigerians would be the focus of all decisions.

President Muhammadu Buhari in 2015 emerged as a democratic President of Nigeria under the All Progressive Congress (APC) party after defeating the incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan.

In February 2019, he became a second term president after defeating his closest rival Atiku Abubakar by over 3 million votes

Before his democratic rule, he was the nation’s head of state from 31 December 1983 to 27 August 1985, after taking power in a military coup d’état.

In as much as his current administration is redoubtable and notable for restricting fundamental humans rights, the media and prosecuting human rights activists like Omoyele Sowore, Agba Jalingo and Olawale Bakare, here are some of the highlights of his achievements:

  • Introducing new Whistleblowing Policy 
  • Suppression of Boko Haram sect.
  • Reform of longstanding Petroleum Sector Cash Call Arrangement
  • Deployment of BVN for Payroll and Social Investment Programmes
  • Expansion of TSA Coverage
  • Improved Local Refining Capacity
  • Asset Recovery Reforms
  • Creation of Efficiency Unit (EU)
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