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A Dormant Volcanic Range in Adamawa

A Dormant Volcanic Range in Adamawa

A Dormant Volcanic Range in Adamawa
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Along the northern part of the Nigeria-Cameroon border in Adamawa State, a mountain range runs for 193 km, getting as far south as the Benue River. The Mandara Mountains are a volcanic range, dormant. Their highest peak, Mount Opay in Cameroon, reaches 1,494 m (4,900 ft) above sea level.

The Mountains have been a major source of ethnographic interest, partly because its people were caught between the British and the French colonisers. From precolonial times to 1927, when the last slave raiders were captured by the British, the Northern Montagnards, as they are known, took refuge on the Mountains. The Mountains’ inaccessibility, coupled with the high rainfall, higher than around the plains and an advantage given the paucity of rain in the Sudan-Sahel zone, ensured that they became densely populated, which resulted in downhill emigration, creating land conflicts in the plains. The population remains dense, at between 100 to 250 people per sq/km. Between the Nigeria and Cameroon border, there are up to 50 ethnic units and sub-units.

The intensification of Boko Haram attacks in 2013 led to the capture of the whole of the western chain of the Mandara Mountains. While the Nigerian military has recaptured some parts of the region, the foothills, the eastern plains, and much of the mountains remain in insurgent territory.

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, A Dormant Volcanic Range in Adamawa
Damilola Marcus, the founder and spokesperson of Operation Legalise Abortion (OLA). Credit: Gallery Infinity.

From afar, the peaks look like spikes and are in fact volcanic plugs, including the much-photographed Kapsiki Peak. From the Mountains, the view of the plains is breathtaking.

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