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5 tips to help you get by the hot weather in Nigeria

5 tips to help you get by the hot weather in Nigeria

5 tips to help you get by the hot weather in Nigeria

From face dripping to intermittent frail fanning of the body with either a hand fan or paper, your clothes will still get soaked with sweat because the heat is here to stay. 

It’s dry season in Nigeria and rather than cursing out on the weather, it is best to put some routines into practice to maintain a level head and sound mind pending when the season is over.

Here are five tips to help you get by the hot weather;


  • Stay Hydrated– If you are fond of drinking water only when you are thirsty then you need to reconsider. The weather is hot and no matter your skin type, you are bound to feel the brunt of dehydration. Taking  8-ounces of water daily will prevent overheating of the body like heat stroke, heat cramps or heat exhaustion.


  • Diet– Sticking to meals that help to prevent the heat is no excuse for ‘cheat day’. Watching your weight or not, the ideal diet for anyone is to eat small portions of food and binge eat cold salads often and take fruits like watermelon, cucumber, carrots, and berries. And if you have no eyes on your weight, you might have just a few scoops of ice cream to cool your body.


  • Cloth Type: How dressed are you for the outing? Yes, your clothes look nice on you, but is it ideal for the weather? For the hot season, it is advisable to stick to clothes made of cotton or linear. Clothes made of polyester, nylon or silk must be avoided.


  • Environmental Factor: It is ridiculous to advise to stay indoors until the dry season is over because whether we like it or not we have to go about our daily activities so here’s what to do. Try to stay in air-conditioned environments as much as you can but if you have access to none, ensure to stay within a cross-ventilated environment. If you will be going on field-trips, carry an umbrella, wear a hat and also sunscreen.


  • Frequent Baths: Take your baths not just regularly but as often as possible at least 2-3 times a day will help reduce body temperature. The dry season comes with a lot of discomforts and cold showers should not be compromised for anything in the world. Aside from reducing body temperature, showering regularly during the hot season also helps to prevent body odor caused by dried and accumulated sweat.



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