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2019 budget to be Carried over to 2020, Ngige Admits not less than 60%

2019 budget to be Carried over to 2020, Ngige Admits not less than 60%

Doris Ukaonu
Minister of Labour and Employment, Dr. Chris Ngige

Dr. Chris Ngige, Minister of Labour and Employment, has disclosed that not less than 60 percent of the 2019 budget may be carried over to 2020.

This was said by Ngige yesterday (August 28) during a meeting with the management and staff of the Labor and employment ministry.

Addressing the issue of budget performance, the Labor and Employment ministers said that the executive arm of government will find it challenging to work with the budget if its sceptical that the National Assembly has altered the figures during its presentation.

“The 2019 budget has not been aggressively executed and 60 percent of it will have to be rolled into 2020 budget, we knew this during the presidential retreat that was organised for ministers designate at the presidential villa,” the minister said.

While remaining positive that the Ahmed Lawan-led Senate will append 2020’s budget by December, if the presidency presents it by September, Ngige, however, suggested that to put an end to budget inflation, his ministry parastatals will have to submit their own budget as well as defend it in the ministry to avoid any meeting with National Assembly members in secrecy.

“Our parastatals will submit their own budget in the ministry and come to defend it because if there is budget paddling it is because parastatals invite National Assembly members to come and warehouse padded things into their budget”. He noted.

Ngige said that his ministry has been told to submit their budget to the National Assembly in September so that it can be sent back by December. “Senate President Ahmed Lawan is a man of his words that we can work with”. He added.

He, however, warned the ministry staff to shun corruption, stressing that corruption is given impetus by opacity.

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According to him, when everything is open, it is not easy to be corrupt. Therefore the parastatals in his ministry must know what they are doing, adding that the financial regulation was to instruct them to give financial balances to their main ministry.

Ngige, however, noted that throughout his tenure, he would concentrate more on job creation and fighting corruption.


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