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12 Productive Things You Can Do Instead of Scrolling Through Social Media

12 Productive Things You Can Do Instead of Scrolling Through Social Media

12 Productive Things You Can Do Instead of Scrolling Through Social Media

By Ayishat Olanrewaju

Have you ever promised yourself that you would stop wasting time on social media only to find yourself on your favorite social media influencer’s page, liking and commenting away again?!

Yes, this happens several times and one of the reasons for this is not knowing what else to do or fill your time without spending an unnecessary amount of time on social media.

Sometimes, whenever I catch myself in the middle of mindlessly scrolling through social media, I take a step back and think about how I used to spend my time wisely before social media, and I ask myself just this one question – what is the best use of my time at this moment?

 Sometimes you just need to unplug and break away from social media for a while, by being present and mindful of where you are. This can help you boost your creativity and spike up productivity.

January is over and some of us might have set some goals to use our time wisely this year, and it is very possible that social media might just be a culprit of wasting your time.

In a bid to help you use your time wisely, here are 12 things to do instead of wasting time on social media:

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, 12 Productive Things You Can Do Instead of Scrolling Through Social Media
  1. Read: You can read a book, read an article, read a magazine, etc. Invest some of your time in reading daily and you will get to broaden your horizons, reduce stress, better your writing skills, and so on.
  2. Organize your space: Do you know that a clean space can pump up your productivity? Think about the joy you feel when you walk into a clean space, now take out some time to organize your space.
  3. Reflect: Reflection is something we all need to do once in a while. When we take out time to reflect on things, ourselves, situations; we give ourselves the opportunity to learn new things, be wiser, and take better decisions.
  4. Take a walk: Take a walk, stretch your body. Stop and smell the roses, be present where you are. Look at your environment with a different perspective and you might just be inspired.
  5. Speak to someone beside you: Look at that person beside you, can you network with him or her? What meaningful questions can you ask? How can you help? Do you know how that person is faring?
  6. Upgrade your skill: If you set out two hours Mondays to Fridays to learn a new skill, then you will have about 40 hours monthly of practice at that skill. Think about that.
  7. Refresh your resume/portfolio: You have told yourself you will finally have time to edit your resume or portfolio but you have never ‘had the time’. Now is the time, you have the time!
  8. Research something new: As they say, no knowledge ever goes to waste, some are stored in different parts of our brains and they become valuable just when we need them. Take out some time to research something new! If you have been hearing about a new concept in your industry, this might be the time to explore it.
  9. Create a budget: How many times have you procrastinated on creating a budget for yourself. If you have always wanted to get a hold of your finances, one of the things to do is to create a realistic budget for yourself.
  10. Pray: Instead of distracting yourself with social media, you can set out some time to pray.
  11. Learn a new language: Bonus! There are so many sites you can learn a new language from; some for free, while others you would need to pay for. You can check out sites like and to start learning new languages right from your mobile device.
  12. Write down your goals: If you don’t write down your goals, how do you intend to achieve them? Write down your goals, break them down into plans, and then further break them down into tasks.

What are some of the productive things you can do, instead of scrolling through social media? Let’s hear from you below



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